Hot Choco Pop

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Tired of playing weather roulette every morning? Our latest creation is here to bring the sunshine into your cup! The Hot Choco Pop is the ultimate mood lifter for those unpredictable weather days!

A delectable handmade marshmallow parties it up in the centre, dipped in a pool of rich milk chocolate, and then glamorously drizzled with the charm of Ruby chocolate. I

Load up your favourite mug with hot milk of your choosing, give this bad boy a whirl, and voilà! You've just whipped up a creamy, marshmallowy, frothy, perfect cup of hot cocoa that'll make even the clouds jealous. 

Feeling warm already? Well, why not enjoy the Hot Choco Pop by gobbling it up! It's a treat that'll have you doing a happy dance in any season – it's practically the Houdini of comfort in a cup!

Sweet dreams are made of this - so go ahead, treat yourself! 

*Shape and colours may vary

⚖️  Approx. 50g

📝  Each bomb comes with a small, handwritten scratch note

🌿 Allergens: Contains DAIRY, trace amounts of SOY. Made in a facility that processes dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, sesame, and soy.

🏷️  Made using sustainably sourced cocoa from Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador