QUEST XO Chocolate Painting

So many of you have enjoyed watching us create chocolate paintings over the years.

We often hear comments like, "Wow, I wish I could do that". Well, wish granted 🤩. We're ready to show you how to create your very own edible artworks!

We'll be launching the first of our monthly chocolate painting workshops July 2022. Our first workshop will be best enjoyed by those aged 16 and up and will be available to residents of Ontario.

Registrants will receive:

  • Workshop tutorial link - play on demand, at your own pace, and watch any number of times
  • Access to our art community on Facebook
  • Art kits with
    • Handcrafted 5"x5" canvas in chocolate of your choosing
    • Paint brushes
    • 5 edible paint colours/shades
    • Gel pack
    • Giftbox
    • Palette
    • Container to store tools
    • Prep notes

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