Porcelain Nougat

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This special nougat is typically only something we make for loved ones, but since you're part of the fam we thought we'd invite you to dessert as well.

Our nougat is handmade with Ruby chocolate, sour cherries, and salted cashews. The perfect bite of chewiness with beautiful fruity notes and adorned with a delicate porcelain tile motif.

Comes in a package of 6 delectable pieces. Just wait for it .... we're sure this package will be gone in one sitting!

    *Exact shape and colours may vary

    ⚖️  Approx. 180g per package

    📝  Each package comes with a small, handwritten scratch note

    🌿 Allergens: Contains DAIRY, TREE NUTS, trace amounts of SOY. Made in a facility that processes dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, sesame, and soy.

    🏷️  Made using sustainably sourced cocoa from Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador