Bunny Butts

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You know we're a sassy bunch and true to form, we opted to offer something much better than the standard chocolate bunny . Enter in our super fun and very delicious Bunny Butt 6 piece set that includes:

  • Dark chocolate dipped ginger cookie with a marshmallow filled tail
  • Caramel peanut butter chocolate with a strawberry pop rock tail
  • Ruby chocolate with a Yuzu tail
  • White chocolate infused with Forever Nuts tea and a spiced caramel tail
  • Dark chocolate topped with pistachio, sea salt, and an orange flavoured tail
  • Milk chocolate infused with spicy honey and topped with a jujube tail


*Exact shape and colours may vary

⚖️  Approx. 175g

📝  Each box comes with a small, handwritten scratch note

🌿 Allergens: Contains DAIRY, GLUTEN, TREE NUTS, trace amounts of SOY. Made in a facility that processes dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, sesame, and soy.

🏷️  Made using sustainably sourced cocoa from Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador