My Choccy Christmas Countdown

Day 24:

A bonafide classic ... some of that good PB enveloped in milk choccy 🥜


Day 1:

Red bean mochi enrobed in caramel chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt

Day 2:

Cafe Ole ☕ 

Day 3:

Fleur Noir 🖤

Day 4:

An ode to nostalgia. Rice Krispie treats dipped in chocolate and festively dressed up ❄️

Day 5:

Belgian chocolate bonbons filled with delicious cookie butter. Definitely cookie monster approved! 🍪

Day 6:

Candy Cane Bark 🎄

Day 7:

Gingerbread Bark 👵🏽

Day 8:

Berry Cheesecake 🧸

Day 9:

A deconstructed version of our famous Crack Bark 🤤

Day 10:

A delicious bite of our popular and now retired Blue Bunny Bar 🐇 

Day 11:

Citrus Poppy Seed 🍊🍋

Day 12:

Hazel Chai Bar 🍒

Day 13:

A favourite with a twist. Freeze dried strawberry dipped in Belgian milk chocolate 🍓

Day 14:

A sneak peek of one of a new product to be released in the new year - Taco Loco. Dark chocolate infused with taco seasoning enrobes a lime taffy piece. You're in for a pleasant surprise. 🌮

Day 15:

Rose Pecan Bar 🌹

Day 16:

Matcha Made In Heaven Bark 🍵

Day 17:

Cranberry Almond Bark 🍫

Day 18:

Jujube candies coated in luscious Belgian chocolate 🍬

Day 19:

One of our newest releases Nibbly Mint Bar 🍃 

Day 20:

A very special chocolate not yet released to the public. London Fog is a wonderful composition of Belgian milk and white chocolate, vanilla bean, Earl Grey tea, a pinch of dried lavender, and caramel chunks. Doesn't it just make you want to lay back?! 💂🏼‍♀️

Day 21:

Marshmallow filling made with a very special chocolate called Ruby 🍥

Day 22:

Mini Hot Cocoa Bomb. Perfect to add to your morning cup of Joe.

Day 23:

One of our fan faves ... Cookies + Cream Bark