Go Dan,

It's yo birthday, we gonna party like it's yo birthday! 🥳

Enrique thought he'd get the party started for you. He's carefully curated a hand-painted chocolate piñata filled with a few chocolatey goodies he knows you'll just love. All to help you live it up on your special day with style!


What's inside your capsule ....

Cute Dog Lolly
Made with delicious Belgian dark chocolate. The perfect excuse to get outside to show off your new 'fur baby'.

Allergens*: contains trace amounts of SOY
Sponge Toffee Pieces
These delicious pieces of joy were included in your piñata in an act of solidarity with local businesses since locally cultivated honey was used to make them.

Allergens*: contains MILK, trace amounts of SOY
Edible TP Greeting Card
Now you can say you have the best toilet paper in town, or any toilet paper for that matter! We chose this design to make light of the seemingly never ending shortage of toilet paper all over the world. Your greeting card has been hand-painted with great care knowing that you'll get a good chuckle out of it.

Allergens*: contains trace amounts of SOY
Sample Bark
A sampling of some of our most popular chocolate bark options. Cafe Ole Bark infused with hazelnut coffee and topped with delicious chocolate covered coffee beans. The PB Heart Bark is a great reminder of just how much you are loved. Real peanut better enveloped by luscious milk chocolate and sprinkled with pretzels and Reese's Pieces.

Allergens*: contains MILK, peanuts, WHEAT, trace amounts of SOY