Mocha Loca Bomb

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Spruce up your morning routine with one of these single serve beauts. Chocolate snowflake bomb filled with coffee, crushed candy canes, and marshmallows. Each bomb is hand decorated.

Place snowflake in mug, pour over hot water or milk of choice, stir, and enjoy. Great for a single serving or two people if you're in a sharing kind of mood.


*Shape and colours may vary

⚖️  Approx. 80 grams

📝  Each bomb comes with a small, handwritten scratch note

🌿 Allergens: Contains DAIRY, trace amounts of SOY. Made in a facility that processes dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, sesame, and soy.

🏷️ Made using sustainably sourced cocoa from Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador