We Stand With UKRAINE

The devastation inflicted on Ukraine has nudged many around the world to offer a united front of support. Of course, we're no strangers to running fundraisers, but the planning of this one required more pause. 

After seeing people "book" AirBnb stays throughout the Ukraine as a way to make financial donations, we felt encouraged to also be imaginative.

So in the spirit of creativity, we've partnered up with a Ukrainian based chocolatier to find a few ways to support.

Until April 30, 10% of all of our website and pop up market sales will be donated to a fund started by Lviv Handmade Chocolate. LHC will then use these funds to prepare chocolate baskets and distribute them to refugee children and families in need.

From March 1 - April 30, 10% of all website and pop up market sales will be donated


Your order means that not only are you financially supporting Ukraine, but you're giving a Ukrainian based company purpose and then they in turn will offer moments of light and joy to others during this dark time. Just think of all the impact you could have. And not that you need another incentive, but everyone who makes a purchase from our shop will get a special pin with their order.

I stand with Ukraine pin

As you can appreciate, it would have been much more "affordable" for us as a small business to donate from our profits rather than from sales, but we're intent on leading a legacy of generosity. True sacrifice requires a stretch, a feeling of being uncomfortable. So, 10% of sales it is and we're excited about the impact we can have together.

We have no doubt that this chocolate community, who constantly keeps us in awe, will show the world how love and passion are at the centre of everything you do.

We hear that heart racing in eagerness to jump in. So, here's how you can be part of this initiative:

  1. Get Toronto's Best Chocolate from our website or at our pop ups before May 1st
  2. Help us spread the word - share this page and related Instagram posts
  3. Be praying for peace and strength over those in Ukraine