Tacos And Chocolate?

What happens when we collaborate with those in our chocolate community?

We come up with something more magical than unicorns 🩄  Like this mashup of tacos and chocolate! 🌼 đŸ«

We had the unique opportunity to create something special for Casey Gillis. Around here we believe in the philosophy 'sharing is caring' so that's why we're presenting this incredible opportunity for you to support a local chocolate business, indulge in a unique chocolate experience, and love on a worthy charity.

Read on to find out what Casey had to say about her brainchild, "You Talkin' Chocos? Bark".

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What inspired you to work with QUEST XO on a custom chocolate?
Quest is a phenomenal chocolatier. I got the opportunity to watch her create literal art from chocolate and I thought, "I want to be a part of that". She also has this amazing creative and entrepreneurial spirit, I knew we would create something amazing, fun and a bit wacky!


What about this bark has you dancing and shouting Ole?

I am obsessed with chocolate and tortilla chips separately, so why not put them together? The bark has the most wonderful balance of sweet chocolate and salty chips! The sweet and salty mix is then highlighted by the lime gummies which give you a burst of lime flavour. The taco seasoning ties everything together and just makes this strange combination make sense. After one bite. you can't stop, it's just so weird and wonderful!


How would you describe the flavour notes?

Sweet, salty, savoury, sour and delicious!


When is the best time to enjoy this treat?

The flavours definitely make you want to party, but my favourite time to eat this chocolate is after dinner when relaxing on the couch. It's a party in your mouth!


To share or not to share?

Definitely not share. My fiancé can't get enough so I have to make sure to get some for him too because he's not having mine!


Why do you have such a huge heart for Fetch & Releash?

If I could rescue every dog in the world I would. There are so many dogs out there that need our help and Fetch and Releash makes it possible for so many dogs to find homes. The more homes they can find, the more dogs they can help.


What kind of impact are you hoping to have on your chosen charity?

Fetch + Releash intakes a lot of dogs from all over the world that need homes and brings them to Canada for a better life. Through their volunteer run organization they save dogs from all over the world as well as locally.

Every dollar that we raise goes straight to the organization which could be used for bringing animals to Canada to escape euthanasia, ensuring that they are healthy and/or giving them the treatment they need so that they can eventually be adopted by their "furever" family.

Buying one bark can make such a difference, and then you can tell your friends you tried some wacky taco chocolate that was absolutely delicious and got to help save a dog in the process. Let's join together and buy a bark (or three) to help us reach our $500 fundraising goal for the incredible organization Fetch + Releash.

Giving is part of the very fabric of QUEST XO. $5 of every purchase of the You Talkin' Chocos? Bark will be donated to support rescuing and rehoming dogs at Fetch + Releash. When you get, you give - how incredible is that!

Get this special edition bark for a limited time before it's gone like Christmas! Available now until end of day February 28th.



Other ways to show your support:

  1. Encourage 3 friends to purchase this bark today
  2. Donate to Fetch + Releash directly
  3. Help us spread the word about this campaign #questxocares #QUESTXOxFETCHRELEASH


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